Our Industry

Digitalization of the Agricultural Value chain

We help farmers make a transition into the digital technology era by having a digital profile footprint, right from collecting farm data to market access linkages. The platform gives transaction history traceable from date of registration and onboarding of the farmer, including related farmer groups.

Farming as a Service (FaaS)

We remove guesswork from farming by helping our farmers in the entire crop lifecycle, providing actionable data and insights. Quality assurance, from farm field preparation, seeding to fruiting ensures that our farmers get produce as was forecast. We will maximize yield output per acre and empower the farmer with everything they need for a bumper harvest.

Seedling Portfolio Companies

To ensure farmers get improved incomes and value for money, we have onboarded an ecosystem of partners with a proven and certified seedling portfolio for High Yield, Drought & Pest resistant seedlings across a range of crops.

Agricultural Input Firms

The key to increased productivity lies at the heart of our operations. Partnering with leading agri-input firms, we use the Agri-yields platform to advise farmers on precise and appropriate fertilizer usage, whether organic or agrochemical, to arrive at a balanced diet for crops, and increasing resistance to pests and diseases.

Development Partners

By digitizing the small holder farmer value chain from farm to Market, we work with UN agencies, NGOs and the development fraternity in achieving the UN sustainable goal agenda around climate change action, eliminating hunger and poverty, Good Land use practices and improving the economic livelihood of our farmers.

Agricultural Insurance

To guard against crop yield loss as a result of bad weather, extreme temperatures or drought, we generate verifiable data insights, traceable to the farm, that our partner insurance companies use to compensate farmers for crop/yield losses as a result of climatic weather changes.

Agricultural Lending

Farmers will from season to season need access to non-collateralized credit, tagged to precise yield output. We create this linkage through our partnership with several banks.

The Commodity market

A ready market for produce from the farm is critical in ensuring no post harvest losses, while providing fairly competitive pricing for the farmer all year round. Our partnerships with the local and export market guarantee diverse crop yield estimates, month on month for commodity traders.